Brands We Repair

Appliance Brands We Repair

To adhere to your needs, Pacific Appliance Repair Co is always on trend with the latest tech and models. Find out a little more about whom we work with:


Located in Boston, this major corporation facilitates a variety of areas. There is a strong focus on finance, power, healthcare, and anything concerning! GE also holds GE appliances, a supplementary brand of theirs, leading the world in appliances!

Manufacturing anything from freezers to dryers or dishwashers to air conditioning units, GE is more than a manufacturer; they're an innovator! Refrigerators packed with coffee brewing or self-cleaning ranges; GE has a storied history in innovative manufacturing!


An electrical giant, paving the way in the appliance world! Based out of Seoul in Korea, Samsung has revolutionized the appliance industry through technological genius! Covering vacuum cleaners to cellphones, there isn't much Samsung don't do. With appliances including air conditioners, ovens, washing machines, top-tier refrigerators and more, every base is covered!


Maintaining a strong focus on innovation that creates a better living, UK brand Bosch has been a leader in the industry! Through strong design and a guarantee to quality, Bosch continues to push the boundaries of innovations. Statistics support this; with over 900 patents submitted annually, proving that innovation does create better living!


A world-renowned appliance brand, we all know they aim to make life good! LG has an array of appliances in their arsenal, with a strong focus on a range of areas. If you need faster laundry, a cleaner home and an extra hand in the kitchen, LG has you covered!

Their appliance collection includes refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, and vacuum cleaners, as well as washers and dryers!


Providing an unbeatable 10-year warranty, Maytag has forged a strong name in the appliance industry. This assurance speaks to the reliability of the product Maytag consistently produces. To maintain reliability, they choose us as a dependable repair service company!

Manufacturing ranges from washers to dryers, as well as an array of kitchen products!


Excellent home appliances of only the highest quality is a practice Kenmore has consistently provided for over 100 years! Through performance and efficiency - a key driver of their products - Kenmore has sustained a strong reputation for innovation! Think of an appliance; we can guarantee Kenmore has it!


As a subsidiary of the world's biggest commercial kitchen appliance manufacturer - Middleby Corporation; Viking has a major selling advantage! Being able to shift those appliances to your home sets them apart from the rest. Their products include cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, ice machines, and cooktops.


Stylish design with high performance is the formula Frigidaire use! This formula has seen them successfully create a wide-ranging assortment of appliances to compliment your home. If you're after compact refrigerators, French-door or anything in between; Frigidaire will have it! They also cater to a selection of stoves and ranges. If you're after electric, gas or induction, they'll have it! Frigidaire doesn't stop there, they also have a collection of washers, dryers, air conditioners, and laundry centers.

No matter the brand, issues will inevitably arise. This is where you need a dependable and reputable brand like Pacific Appliance Repair Co to ensure your machines minor aches, don't become major pains! Get in touch today!