Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

Your freezer is an essential part of your meal prep routine. It also preserves your food. If your freezer breaks down, not only is it frustrating, but you're risking hundreds of dollars in food waste. If you have some basic knowledge of how your freezer works, then you could carry out some of these repairs in under twenty minutes.

Common Issues That a Freezer Faces

Frost Build-Up

Frost forms when the thermostat, door gasket or defrost timer are malfunctioning. If necessary, look into getting these parts replaced.

Strange Noises

The fan motor and blade are usually to blame for unusual noises. It helps if you know how to properly inspect your freezer parts.

Freezer won't' Turn On

This is usually due to the start relay, thermostat, and capacitor acting up. Test all three of these parts and, if need be, replace them.

Freezer Never Turns Off

In this case, test the temperature controls, timer, and thermostat. If they're beyond repair, then replace them.

Freezer is Too Cold

Yes, this is possible! If your temperature is consistently below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to look into servicing the thermostat, user control and defrost timer.

Freezer is Too Warm

If your freezer isn't cooling, then you need to look into testing the user control, thermostat and defrost timer. If they're too badly damaged, then repair them.


Freezers produce excess water in the form of melted ice and condensation. If the internal systems that regulate this fail, then leaks will occur. If there are leaks at the level of the inlet valve, simply tighten the compression nuts.

If you notice that the tubes are leaking, then those need immediate replacement.

Leaks may also be due to a badly leveled refrigerator. Water usually drains into a condensation pan. If the refrigerator isn't level, then the water will leak onto the floor.

Finally, make sure that the freezer's drain tubes are clear. Blockages are known to produce leaks.

Extremely Loud Noises

When it comes to strange noises, the condenser fan motor and the evaporator fan motor are to blame. You can test this by opening the freezer. If the sounds gets louder, then it's the evaporator motor that needs replacing. If it's the compressor, then you need to replace the entire freezer.


If you live in Laguna Beach, Tennessee and your freezer is acting out, call Pacific Appliance Repair Co. Our technicians will pinpoint the issue and offer you a viable solution. They will advise you on which replacement parts you need and even offer maintenance tips to keep your freezer running longer.