Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Servicing Throughout Laguna Beach, CA.

Ice makers offer much greater convenience and cost-effectiveness when compared to buying ice packs from the store or even using the out of date trays within your freezer compartment, which by comparison often takes much longer to produce ice than an ice maker. Regularly maintained and serviced, a quality brand of ice maker rarely needs replacing and can function well for many years.

When your ice maker needs servicing or repair work carried out, make your first stop Pacific Appliance Repair Co for great service every time, guaranteed. Our expert technicians can quickly troubleshoot and correct faults with your appliance with minimal disruption to your day.

We can service and repair all of the top brands of ice making appliances such as:

• Portable ice machines

• Freezer ice makers

• Free-standing ice machines

• Built-in ice machines

Ice Maker Troubleshooting

There are several problems that can have an impact on your appliance's performance, some of the most common examples of these including:

No Ice Being Produced

If your ice maker does not produce ice cubes or if ice is appearing but the blocks are smaller than normal, the most likely culprit is the water inlet source and the associated pipework and fittings. 

Issues such as damage to or blockages surrounding the filter may also cause water flow problems.

Filters need changing twice yearly depending upon your usage. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot, service and where necessary, carry out repair work to ensure your ice maker appliance continues to run as it should.  

Lumps of Ice

If water inflow freezes prior to reaching the mold, you may end up with no ice cubes due to frozen inlets or alternatively, a solid and unusable block of ice. This problem is normally originating from faults relating to the thermostat.  

Ice Stuck in the Machine

A common complaint of customers is where ice becomes lodged and does not break free from the machine. This can occur due to something as simple as the appliance being operated in the wrong mode and the first point of call should always be your appliance's operating manual. 

Many ice-making appliances feature a metal arm that controls ice production and is usually affixed to the outside of the machine.

Your operating manual will advise of the correct positioning of this arm to produce ice seamlessly. 

If after consulting the instructions your appliance is still not operating correctly, a diagnostic will be necessary by our technicians to find and subsequently correct the identified fault.


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